F U S I O N A R T               2006-2012  
  S E V E N   R A Y S                      2004-2006

This concept is based on the seven streaming great rays of the Cosmos that is believed to
interplay with human chakra energy.
In 2004 to 2006 I studied with Allan Tager, a world renown Russian artist and art educator.
In his Seven Rays workshops I executed my first inner vision 'energy' painting.
His method began with the essence of an idea, and then gave us a title or phrase for our painting. 
As Allan gave his talks, I had holographic visuals of the energy and how I would paint it.
(oil pastels on paper)

Fusionart is a term given to the artistic movement begun in 1984, by artist Rassouli, to describe
his painting style of combining mysticism of the East with artistic techniques of the Western world.
From 2006 to 2012 I studied with my Fusionart mentor, Rassouli, who is a successful
international artist and Rumi teacher and interpreter.
He taught me to stop thinking and just start by putting paint on the canvas with feelings.
Let the brush go....then step back to see what forms have appeared. 
Enhance them, and discover the message my inner world is sending me.
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