" The  P R O G R E S S I V E   R E V E L A T I O N  of  an  A R T I S T "
  A Six Decade Journey  by Lorna Jeanine Paquin      

My book includes over 75 works of art and begins when I was four, telling the story of the path I took to find
my true art form in Fusionart.  

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P A I N T E R  OF  S P A C E
INNER WORLD           space in between           OUTER WORLD

L O R N A   J E A N I N E   P A Q U I N

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P A I N T E R   O F   S P A C E

INNER WORLD             space in between             OUTER WORLD

Painting through the eyes of what my Soul sees,
expands and trancends my art to a greater personal truth.

My passion in art has led me to align with a broader concept  
I have coined as Painter of Space, to describe all my art.
My newest technique in art I call Transcendart, gleaned from my
studies of the Life between Lives mystery school and the Ra material.
I maintain the influence of the unique styles of
Fusionart and the Seven Rays of Energy.

My journey in art has had a progressive nature and continues
to reveal to me an ongoing new perception in art.
Each art style builds on the previous one and in turn becomes the
foundation for a subsequent revelation in art.
For me, it all contributes to an organic art form, not a final art form.
In time we recognize that our life on earth becomes
a journey of our soul.

It becomes a longing you cannot resist.

S T U D I O  4
Upper East Tennessee 
                              PAINTINGS ARE FOR SALE
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    12 x 24 x 1     canvas stretched $ 95.00
    18 x 36 x 1¼  canvas stretched $250.00
    24 x 48 x 1½  canvas stretched $450.00
     8 X 16 with backing/wrap   $15.00
    10 X 20        with backing/wra     $25.00
    12 X 24        with backing/wrap   $40.00
           (mailed prints are rolled in a tube)
                          shipping extra

                                                           TRAIL OF TEARS - A LEGACY

                      This interpretive painting depicts the northern route through Tennessee of the forced
                           relocation and emigration of the Cherokee to Oklahoma in the winter of 1838.

  When I moved to TN in 1993, I drove at dusk along Rt 81 pass the numerous cedar trees on the side of the road.              They reminded me of people of all sizes, grouped in clusters like families all headed West on foot. 
                      With the long cast of shadows, I felt the sad energy of the long ago Trail of Tears.
         I held this image in my mind until I was asked to paint a historical event for the Smithsonian Traveling
                                                        art show  in Greeneville,TN in 2010.